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Desc:Yeah so this movie lost a lot of money
Category:Classic Movies, Trailers
Tags:kris kristofferson, Michael Cimino, Heavens Gate, boondoggle
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There's a documentary they used to show on... IFC I think?... that covered the behind the scenes shitstorm that went into making this thing. The movie that killed United Artists....
There's a documentary about it in the Michael Cimino tag, if that's what you are talking about.

Yes, that's it! Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for sharing the documentary, that was very enjoyable.

The making-of book is great -- Final Cut. Another good behind the scenes look at a disaster is The Devil's Candy (about the making of Bonfire of the Vanities).

I haven't heard of The Devil's Candy, I'll look it up. Thanks Lurchi.

One of my favorite incidents I heard about the filming of Heaven's Gate, was how after an whole set, a town's main street was built to his exact specifications, Michael Cimino decided that the street looked too narrow. Then he ordered the buildings on each side torn down and rebuilt three feet back from where they were, though one crew member pointed out that it would be easier and cheaper to just tear just one side down and rebuild it six feet back.

This decision cost over 0,000.
The movie isn't really as terrible as all the press makes it sound. I think people were more obsessed with the ludicrous budget and behind-the-scenes stuff. When looked at past of all that, the movie is actually not that bad.
That's how nearly every major flop like this is: Gigli, Waterworld, Ishtar, Heaven's Gate, all movies whose reputation and subsequent underperformance is based more around drama involving the production than the actual film itself.

I've seen it and while it's not horrible it's not exactly good either. The latter parts, especially, fall into the trap some "revisionist" Westerns do - namely instead of providing unflinching, unromanticized looks at the period it rubs the collective face of the audience in sordid, overdone ugliness.

By far the dustiest movie ever made.

John Holmes Motherfucker
There are a couple of amazing shots in it. A shot of a block of houses with smoke coming from every chimney looks incredibly real and authentic, like someone traveled back to the nineteenth century. Mostly, though, it's just really long, and really really dreary.

Visually, the film is pretty fucking jaw-dropping, I think. In terms of substance, yeah..it's a little too long and it feels like someone trying very hard to re-create the epic western (Once Upon A Time In The West comes to mind). Ciminio is (or was) a pretty visually interesting director, but as time goes on, it looks like Deer Hunter was probably just a fluke of the time. I used to love The Sicilian just for the visuals and eventually it just wore on me what a bad movie it really was. Sunchaser was just embarassing.

Mister Yuck
I watched WaterWorld last night. It really is as bad as everyone said it was.

As for this, I know nothing about it. Looks good from the trailer?

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