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chumbucket - 2011-01-13

rats used by NYC transit to keep bums from living on sub cars, trial run a success

baleen - 2011-01-13

You know you have a drinking problem if a subway rat crawls all over your face and all you can do is show brief disapproval and then casually wave it off as if to say "Ahhh it's just another rat on the face."

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-01-13

Yeah, but if you sleep on the street, I'm sure rat urine/feces is a daily routine. Thank god we don't have ebola and lassa fever vectors in the states.

Oktay - 2011-01-13

Since all we ever do is reblog other people's videos, it would be a stupid thing to get upset over the fact that my submission for the same video just disappeared from the hopper, and then ten minutes later this showed up on the front page. I'm not pointing any fingers, and there might be a reason since my submission turns out to be a ripoff -- this one is the original. But this whole situation makes it a waste of time to look for cool stuff to submit, to look for dupes, etc. From now on, the only way I'm wasting my time on this site is by making pointless comments like this. I might submit a video once in a blue moon, but highly unlikely. Also, five stars.

kennydra - 2011-01-13


BorrowedSolution - 2011-01-13

Somebody needs a hug.

StanleyPain - 2011-01-13

This needs to be explained every now and then:
Some users, primarily the POEN people who were the original "beta testers" for POETV when it first emerged from Chet's womb, have auto-accepted videos which bypass the hopper and go straight to the front page about 10-20 minutes after submission.

Submissions from these users are not crosschecked with stuff already in the hopper unless it's been accepted, so occasionally someone will accidentally "hopper poach" a video. This is usually not done on purpose. If your video literally disappeared in the hopper (and wasn't just voted down) I have no idea how that would happen, but there isn't some conspiracy to rip off videos from submitters...some people just have the ability to bypass the hopper and dupes show up because of this, especially if it's some popular video going around the internet or something very, very timely or breaking news.

Oktay - 2011-01-13

It literally disappeared -- it was +2 last I checked. But it was on gawker (i.e. unembeddable) which is probably why.

jangbones - 2011-01-13

When I saw your vid in the hopper, I baleeted it...but it was after I submitted the same thing (videos do not show up immediately, so I know you didn't poach mine either). I would never poach from the hopper, it's rude!

fedex - 2011-01-13


cognitivedissonance - 2011-01-13

Congratulations, look forward to being on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Oktay - 2011-01-13

Well, ok, but I'm sticking with the plan. So here's another pointless post and a true story: I used to live next to this playground which also had a basketball court and people would sometimes play tennis there (corner of 8th ave and 17th/16th streets). One night, around 9 or 10, as I was coming home, I stepped on a tennis ball. I was surprised that anyone would be playing tennis at that hour. I looked down to see the ball. There was no ball. I looked to the playground. There was nobody there. I looked down again, and saw this big ass rat bolt out of the garbage bags waiting to be collected. I felt lucky I didn't get bitten.

Moral of the story: rats feel like tennis balls when you step on them.

fluffy - 2011-01-13

That rat must be either diseased, desperate for food, or an escaped pet.

jangbones - 2011-01-13

...or its a New Yorker, which means it just doesn't give a fuck.

La Loco - 2011-01-13

Rats in NYC are very familiar with people. In a pinch they'll crawl over people if the person isn't active. The man 'played off' the encounter in an attempt stop himself from being recorded most likely.

topthat - 2011-01-14

moral of the story? be an active person, especially when there are rats around, and when those rats are in a pinch.

Ersatz - 2011-01-13

Jorge Posada takes the subway? Who knew?

Rosencrantz - 2011-01-13

"if you see a suspicious package or active on the train or platform, keep it to yourself". WTF?

boner - 2011-01-13

and whitey's on the moon

Stopheles - 2011-01-13

Needs "Petula Clark" tag.

BHWW - 2011-01-14

Don't Sleep In the Subway, Darling indeed.

Timothy A. Bear - 2011-01-15

Reports back to Rat Overlord "PEACE MESSAGE UNDELIVERABLE."

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