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Desc:Happy MLK Day from the other oppressed race, the Ginger.
Category:General Station, Educational
Tags:slavery, Ginger, martin luther king, also his balls are rouge, coppercab
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Comment count is 16
Next time I do something horrible, I'm going to say it was for the economy.
Welcome to the republican party

No "ACTING!" tag?
Remember when trolling had a sense of humor?
Now you just yell things for attention.
Man, Roast Beef, I remember when trolling was a movement that had SOMETHING to SAY.

You know it's going to be good when it starts with a pudgy redhead saying "Dear black people of the world..."
i accidentally sniped this in the hopper. (damn did that languish) Add: "also his balls are rouge" tag
Oh yeah!

Sorry TeenerTot.
No apologies. The world is a harsh place and I am prepared to face it.

You wouldn't believe the things they used to call Irish and African-Americans back then. They're like blood brothers, really.
Actually Irish were seen less than slaves. Plantation owners would get Irish to do work that was deemed to dangerous for slaves. But yeah, like blood brothers.

Rape Van Winkle
Irish are the niggers of Europe.

Italians are the spics of Europe.

Spaniards are okay.


F this old jagoff.
Jet Bin Fever
"I might not be technically part of the white race *blubbering*"
hahaha! I'm sick of him too, but Jesus.
He's right.

The Irish aren't even human.

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