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Desc:Another cancer kid's wish comes true.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:kids, mets, cancer, phillies, David Wright
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Comment count is 11

Aww, even when they're dying of cancer Phillies fans are total twats.
I liked this video even more because she is a Phillies fan. Because we are the very best of fans. Hating the Mets is a noble calling.


A noble calling if you abuse children, I guess.

you're just mad we got cliff lee because new yorkers (albeit yankees fans, not mets fans) spat on his wife and children. one of my favorite foibles of watching sports commentators talk about how philly fans are the "most knowledgeable" and "most passionate" fans in the country, which is TV code for "we'll see you in the fucking parking lot, mr. wearing the opposing teams jersey".



I have no respect for the Yankees and most of their fans are horrible.
When you go to a Mets game everybody is nice. Their mascot is a giant baseball who drives around in circles in a 50's Cadillac and waves at people.

Mets are to the Phillies what John Stewart is to Fox News.

Early one Saturday morning I flipped on tv and David Wright was doing a commercial for some Christian revival camp. In Spanish. Of all the Mets players you could have picked, they went with David Wright to appeal to the Spanish speaking market.
Tom Collins
The entire joke is in the title
One note joke, but flawless execution.

Everything on the Onion is like that.

"I hope you get cancer like me, faggot." I will never get tired of watching little girls say horrible things.
Yeah that was the moment I totally lost it.

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