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Desc:How about some of my favorites, like uh, WRAP RAP
Tags:Rap, tmnt, white rappers, turtle rappers, rappers rapping about wrapping presents
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Comment count is 15
Even when I was a kid and enamored of Ninja Turtles, I was always unsettled by those toothy grins. What do turtles need with all those damn teeth?
Why, to chomp all that bodacious pizza, dude!!!


Yeah, the prosthetics in this special are uniquely horrifying

Spit Spingola
No turtles should have teeth. Except Gamera because he has giant tusks and that's awesome.

Sudan no1
The Wrap Rap is some quality Crap
What is this claptrap? Wrap rap cracks are for brats.

Caminante Nocturno
Can you imagine what this must look like to someone with no previous knowledge of the Ninja Turtles?
Mind-blowingly hilarious or completely disturbing. Probably both.

I don't recognize these Pokemon. They speak english? They must be Digimon?

clean rap...about warpping presents......how are we sure one of them isnt will smith without his mask on?
Donatello always struck me as "the black one," I mean, if I had to decide which one, theroetically, would have been black.

And since he's the only one flashing the gang signs and dancing here, despite Leonardo trying too hard, I guess after nearly 2 decades my theory is confirmed.
For an unsettling experience, watch with the volume off.
Since they reference the fact that it's a Rap about Wrapping in the song, the tag could/should be "rappers rapping about rapping about wrapping presents".
Jet Bin Fever
This was made in the mid-90s and is essentially the Turtles' swan song. :(
The Mothership
I was looking for that old McDonalds 'Burrito Wrap Rap' video and I found this. Jesus.
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