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Desc:YouTube comments
Category:General Station
Tags:chemtrails, conspiracy theories, HAARP, infowars
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Comment count is 16
The Mothership - 2011-01-23
So where did this begin? I mean, I have only heard about this brand of crazy in the last year or so. What is it's pedigree? Is it connected to the NWO or the UN, or is it part of the End Times? Alien Grays, Pyramids? Or is it just extreme ignorance about how jet engines work combined with normal coincidence paranoia?
GQ - 2011-01-23
Mostly the latter, but all of the above, to various degrees depending on who the person is.

Zarathustra00 - 2011-01-23
Some quick searching suggests that chemtrail conspiracy theories have existed since at least the mid 90s. There are as many explanations for the purpose and perpetrators of chemtrails as there were assassins of JFK.

IrishWhiskey - 2011-01-23
Both the US government and corporations have in the past deliberately sprayed and infected towns of US citizens with dangerous or experimental chemicals from planes and agricultural sources simply to see what would happen. They have lied about this afterward until exposed. There is a 'conspiracy' by companies and some members of the government to limit our knowledge as to the level of toxic substances we are exposed to. Monsanto and other biotech companies have build in vulnerabilities to crops and pesticides that increase our dependence on their products, while shutting down natural seed strains.

This has little or nothing to do with the 'chemtrail' movement, which consists of the eternally present old/paranoid people alleging that the government is planting drugs in the water (literally what they're alleging here), all the way back to Ugg complaining that the use of fire must involve demons, because he's pissed off that he doesn't understand the phenomenon that's getting smarter cavemen all the chicks.

tldr; Nature good, science bad, we don't understand long words like 'condensation'.

godot - 2011-01-23
Art Bell and his late-night radio show "Coast to Coast" has been giving chemtrail conspiracy theorists a grandstand for more than a decade.

The same folks worrying about water-vapor clouds in jet contrails tend to think climate change science is a government conspiracy to take away their SUVs.

Ironically, mandating additions of sulfur-dioxide producing additives to jet-fuel may be the most cost-effective method of geoengineering so that more than a couple billion humans can exit this century. Not as smart as beginning replacing jets with nuclear sourced electric high-speed rail now, but after 2-3 global grain shortages in a row (coming your lifetime), governments will do whatever is expedient.

garcet71283 - 2011-01-23
The Ugg realized that all he needed to do is lift more rocks than the smarter caveman and then he would have all the chicks.

TimidAres - 2011-01-23
jesus, really? This is my most hated conspiracy theory, personally. Mostly because I have people trying to get in my face and tell me about it all the time.

Its a combination of ignorance and confusion. ITS JUST NORMAL CONTRAILS PEOPLE.
Theres 2 kinds, the types that think the gov. is dropping chems to control our minds, or the types that think the gov. is dropping chems to control the weather. Its both ludacris.

If they ARE dropping chems to control our minds, what are we supposed to be doing? Getting drunk and commenting on poetv videos? Or going out with my girlfriend on a holiday and getting to fuck her the night after a long, and enjoyable, date?
Cause that shit sounds alright to me.

BorrowedSolution - 2011-01-23
Timid: I think it's to destroy your ability to use spell-checker.
Also, nice segue to your girlfriend, there. That's EXACTLY what I did with her after our date.

TimidAres - 2011-01-23
Yeah, bitch can be like that sometimes.
I dont blame you though. You might want to start checking for the herp here in a few days though. Sorry :(

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-01-24
my first real exposure (pun!) to chemtrails was on this very site with that wonderful Prince interview on Tavis Smiley.
I have since shared it with many, as it is a thing of insanity and beauty.

sosage - 2011-01-23
He's uh...what is it...a...conspiracy theorist! You ever see that one Mel Gibson movie? Yeah!
garcet71283 - 2011-01-23
Strangely enough, that is exactly what I said when trying to describe Jared Loughner's YouTube rants to people at my work. Apparently I am the only person who has seen the movie.

Kilo147 - 2011-01-27
Five for Mel Gobson biting Picard's nose off.

Kilo147 - 2011-01-27
Fucking lack of editable posts. One damn typo and all my cred is ruined. Regardless, fuck Picard, Riker is boss.

Zarathustra00 - 2011-01-23
Completely missed submitter name first time around.
chumbucket - 2011-01-24
mind-numbing idiocy
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