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Desc:Submitted for the Scrambled Egg Cupcakes
Tags:cooking, white bread, the opposite of soul food
Submitted:Corporate God King
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Comment count is 17
So basically her tricks are things she could do with bread dough, if she wasn't too lazy to make her own dough.

Also, Harry Potter broom.
"How to make crap, with crappy ingredients!"

well this is bizarre. i would eat me some rolled sandwiches though.
The classical music playing in the background is completely inappropriate. The soundtrack to Deliverance would work much better.
Dr Dim
I'm sure she's a lovely person but she looks just like Uncle Fester in a wig.
I thought she was Ozzy Osbourne

eddie izzard on a bender

Pippin from Lord of the Rings/Charlie from LOST with longing hair.

Uptown girl! She's been livin' in her White Bread world...
Also: "Scrambled Egg Cupcakes" are like 1/4th the calories of "Taco Cups". So failure.

Can't do this with YOUR MUM!
Tuna Fish and Butter, together at last.
I've been doing that for years, but usually I toast the bread first.

Cheap Trick White Bread
Oscar Wildcat
Well that was foul. I like how she keeps the other better breads around like magical talismans to ward of the evil that processed white bread brings.
Back in the days following the Civil War, white bread was the bread of the rich. But then the rich realized that it's disgusting, and they weren't pooping regularly, so they switched back to the good stuff.
All you rich white crackers don't know nothing bout no damn bread.

Here's a good recipe for you, and you won't find this in the fancy-dancy fairy strip-mall Panera Breads you upper crust wannabe nancies like to go to:

1.) Take two pieces of Bunny Bread (That's what I said, Bunny Bread) slather them with either mustard or mayo, but not both!

2.) Fry up some bologna.

3.) Combine meat and bread

4.) Eat that shit, you slack-jawed faggots

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