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Desc:I'm shocked this isn't in our annals of hideous anime.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Anime, Violence, Gore, Synth, getting myself 1starred as an object lesson
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Comment count is 10
My buddy was lamenting the current state of anime and how awful it was. This was because we were discussing "Battle Angle Alita" and the author's steady descent into madness/Dragon Ball Z.

I reminded him of such classics as "Twilight of the Dark Master", "The Peacock King" and "Angel of Death".

"Remember," I said "Those were videos you had to buy on VHS for 20+ dollars. And if you didn't like those selections, the only alternative was Ranma 1/2."
Caminante Nocturno
To be fair, you also had Tenchi Muyo and El Hazard as options.

Kids these days! In my day a single volume of the Ranma 1/2 manga cost ! Now they have them in convenience stores for .

And why is all the music so loud nowadays?

MacGyver Style Bomb
And it would be buried in the children's section.

The good old days were never good.

And those were the videos with English dubs. You'd pay 30 dollars for the subtitled version.

Maybe, but graphic child murder is still better than Love Hina.

For what it's worth, the entire series is on this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/InsaneJericho66#p/u

The first two story arcs (which encompass three episodes) are worth watching if you like terrible 90's anime, but there's nothing worthwhile about the rest.
Killer Joe
I'm assuming "MAN IS TRULY THE MONSTER!" is the moral?
Something like that and "don't turn children into maladjusted psychic super-monsters."

Jet Bin Fever
Violence used to really move those 80s VHS anime titles, just look at garbage like Ninja Scroll. Oh, and boobs too.
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