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Desc:A janitor, a mutated dog, & a penguin are forced to watch movies by Colonel Klink. Or something.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Mst3k, russia, Intro, ripoff, popcorn
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Comment count is 17
In MY country, movies make fun of YOU!

Wow, that's almost shot-for-shot. Can we do this to good Russian television shows?
Find one.

Heh heh, Prove me wrong Russia, prove me wrong!

Spit Spingola
That dog's name is Ketchup and it looks at least as competent as MST3K usually did. This is terrific.

In the Pre-cable season of the show, the Mads inform our heroes that the Russians had their own verison of the show!

Absolutely shameless.
The janitor even looks a lot like Mike Nelson.

Honestly, though, as long as the writing is fine, I don't see much wrong with this. Other language speakers deserve to experience the magic of MST3k as much as we do.
Jet Bin Fever
This is much less infuriating and irritating than that giant foam dick one.
Innocent Bystander
So why plush dolls instead of robots?
Joel was an unrecognized electronics / computer genius. This guy only knows how to knit.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Sorri Andropoli
This really made my day for some reason.
I wish I knew Russian so I could love this as much as I love regular MST3k
If watching Russian wedding footage off of Youtube has taught me anything, five minutes in these three are going to wind up drunkenly fist fighting/firing guns at each other. Then the movie is stopped because someone is fatally wounded.
John Holmes Motherfucker
From the comments: "If your wondering how they got the rights and other legal facts, just think to yourself 'its just a show I should really just relax'."
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