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Desc:It's fun to milk her gonna do it right now.
Category:Pets & Animals, Business
Tags:toys, 70s, fetal alcohol syndrome, Milky, wahduh
Submitted:HP Lovesauce
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Comment count is 10
The Mothership
dupe, I'm sure of it.
HP Lovesauce
find it. i couldn't. if it's here it's got some shitty tags.


Spit Spingola
Five stars for this version of the Milky ad because the print is faded.

HP Lovesauce
what the hell? there's absolutely no way i could've missed this. it's even the same title for christsake. is this site broken?
Type "milky" into search.


Yes the site is broken.

The Mothership
yea, don't feel too bad.

Yeah, I love this site and everything, but when you do a search, the title is for some reason ignored-- I think only the tags are searched. I don't mean to be a negative nelly, but I really wish Chet would fix it. I am all the time trying to show my friends funny things on this site, but can't search to find them. Don't be mad at me Chet! I love the site. But not the search :(

That is a cow with a sexy pair of lips.
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