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Desc:moments after the actual explosion
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:russia, phone, airport, terrorism, moscow
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Comment count is 22
No. Videos of freshly killed people (even Russian people) from a terrorist bombing is not for our amusement.

Portal of Evil?

"even Russian people"? wtf man...biased much?

portal of evil more like portal of ogrish amirite

This is not "amusing."

"freshly killed" -- does that mean I can still laugh at videos of Spetsnaz getting disemboweled?

hey fuck you, guy.

Tom Collins
It depends on the context you watch it in.

Personally I'm amazed that there's no gore -- it's like the pressure wave shocked them to death.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
You missed out on the Rhode Island nightclub fire video where 100 people were burned alive.

Tom Collins
Did you read about the burning club on News and get reminded of that too?

I'm pretty sure I can still hear the screaming.

Amusement? Did I miss the Benny Hill soundtrack?

Hammer Falls
Agreed with Ursa, welcome to PoE.
Perhaps you might want peruse the archives... Off the top of my head: Bud Dwyer, the wedding party collapse, the above mentioned "Great White fire"... Or, just wash it down with a cat video and move on.

ohh, the wedding party...that was a bad one

mahlor, stop posting.

for fuck's sake 1-starrers this is news not entertainment

This lets me know that the initial reaction to Russians getting attacked is the survivors remaining calm, looking for other survivors and assessing the damage. Clearly this happens a lot there.
Jet Bin Fever
I hope I never ever see this in person. These bombings can be such horribly violent things, so much worse than shootings or stabbings or anything like that... people ripped apart. Terrible terrible stuff.
This one looked oddly bloodless.

Just to be clear: I'm sure I'd freak out & lose my shit if I were there, bloodless or not.

This terrorism thing has to stop.
moral sex
Chechnya again, I'm guessing.
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