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Desc:Echoes of Tiananmen Square at 1:20
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Police, egypt, Revolution, Protests, riots
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Comment count is 11
Boy, a lot of things have gone down since this video was submitted to the hopper.
Damn it. I hope these idiots don't make a government opposed to American interests.
I'm fairly sure the American government itself is more opposed to most Americans' interests than any new government the Egyptians can come up with.

Why wouldn't they?

Not even trying any more.

Cena makes a good point. When are we going to put this revolution down before they install a democracy?

I am worried that the Muslim Brotherhood is going to attempt to co-opt this revolution. We definitely don't need Egypt turning into Iran part 2.

Right now it's being driven by the educated Facebook generation who actually want a more Western style democracy, not a more repressive religious regime.

They may not be pro US, but I hope they're not pro Theocracy more.

moral sex
Maybe with the current wave of revolutions, the leadership of the Arab world will realize that people can't eat petrol.
you mean there's nothing equivalent to cake in the arab culture?

moral sex
Well, there's yellow cake, but we all know what happened with that.

Let them eat baklava.

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