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Desc:1965 BBC predicts the future
Category:Classic TV Clips, Business
Tags:BBC, Tomorrows World, pub, staid
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Comment count is 14
jaunch - 2011-01-29
One day people will look at that Microsoft Surface advertisement with the same bemusement. And that day was 4 years ago.
jyrque - 2011-01-29
Not even science can solve the age old 'fly-in-the-soup' dilemma.
garcet71283 - 2011-01-29
H.P. Lovecraft seems to think so.

Old_Zircon - 2011-01-29
They can perform basic arithmetic, but a complex procedure like mixing fluids in specific proportions is beyond the capability of any machine and always will be.
TheOtherCapnS - 2011-01-29
They may be able to do complex procedures like mixing fluids in specific proportions, but experiencing feelings and emotions like love is beyond the capability of any machine and always will be.

memedumpster - 2011-01-30
They may be able to experience feelings and emotions like love, but the civic responsibility held by the voting public is beyond the capability of any machine and always will be.

That guy - 2011-01-30
They may have the civic responsibility held by the voting public, but dying for our sins is beyond the capability of any machine and always will be.

Time Travel Mishap - 2011-01-29
I like that they didn't even bother to give the female co host a microphone
Tom Collins - 2011-01-29
The wire's for the power -- 60s lead acid batteries weren't up to the job of powering the presenter for an entire piece.

fluffy - 2011-01-29
You know it's THE FUTURE because everything is written in that OCR font that makes it easier for computers to use human-readable paper-based storage.

I'm surprised they didn't take the next obvious step and have the bartender itself replaced by a robot, but that would just be crazy. http://robogames.net/barbot.php
fluffy - 2011-01-29
Apparently the origin of that font is Westminster, which is simply inspired by the E-13B MICR font, and has never actually been used for MICR or OCR purposes.

carpetstain - 2011-01-29
The prostitute at the end seemed to be high on Opium.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2011-01-29
I thought 187 was for under cover cops.
boner - 2011-01-30
Let's order a casserole.
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