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Desc:Yahtzee reviews minecraft.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:zero punctuation, Yahtzee, minecraft, 80 foot golden cock and balls
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Who could possibly enjoy something like this?
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Tags that will never be linked category?
Only if you wish to be banned.

"fisher-price shoggoth" would be a good tag. Hopefully it would get linked.

That theme music just refuses to become palatable.
At least this video made me happy that I wasn't the only one whose first impulse was to make an 80 foot cock and balls (though not out of gold given how rare it is).
Caminante Nocturno
Setting entire islands on fire is the only way to keep the monsters at bay.
This actually makes me want to play it now.
Yahtzee is spot on about one thing: Minecraft works best when you set your own goals. Me, personally, I just dig exploring caves and seeing if I. can find the end of them, and luckily that doesn't take much grindy stuff, jus enough to make torches.

I haven't played in awhile, does anyone know if they implemented that thing where torches actually burn out now?

That hasn't happened yet.

Torches will be eventually replaced by lanterns. But every torch that you make and place before that will turn into lanterns (he'll simply replace the "torch" address with a "lantern" address and make a new location for the "temporary torch").

It is a fun game. Join "Poe Can't Mine" on steam and minecraft with all of your friends!!!!

Johnny Madhouse
Notch has said since then that lanterns won't be added. Which I for one am pleased about. It upset some HARDCORE MINECRAFTERS (hahaha) but I'm okay with that.

Does anyone have any simple ways to move a spawnpoint? I enjoyed creating insane strip mines, but had less enjoyment for dying and blindly wandering around trying to find it after an unlucky lava flow.
MCEdit lets you do that. It isn't very hard at all to learn how to use it, and it is incredibly easy to use once you've learned how.

Not really...it's best to just start playing as close to where you begin as possible. Immediately make some sort of monument to mark the spot, and then just stick around it. Eventually you can make a compass that points you to your spawn point (and I think there's a way to change your spawn point with mroe advanced stuff) but it's best to just keep to where you start at first. That is, if you're playing strictly "by the rules."

Freeman Gordon
Ok, bought the game and it's surprisingly exactly like Yahtzee says it is.
Best game in a decade.

I actually bought the game because of the review.

I've made a doom fortress with natural lighting.
And by natural lighting, I mean lava flows.
And by fortress, I mean skyscraper.

Oh, and stars and favorite or whatever. I'm melting glass as I type this.

The game is hilarious fun, and this is one of Yahtzee's best reviews in a while.

I have an insane phalanx of arrow-firing dispensers controlled by pressure plates, levers, and redstone logic gates which can hold off the enemy until I escape on my roller coaster. BRING IT, CREEPERS.

next project: the Nether Fortress

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