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Desc:This video shows 24 different countries that began 2011 with protests.
Category:News & Politics, Military
Tags:Riot, Protests, 2011, Politicans
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Comment count is 5
Some stoner is going to use this as evidence of his 2012 doomsday theory.
"The end is coming! Look at the global tensions rising!"

Also, what were the Belgians protesting? Are the Flemish and the Walloons not getting along or something?
Ah, you've met my older brother, then?

This has always been going on, it's just that the access to resources to record it has become more prevalent. The global middle-class is growing.
James Woods
We have a bingo!

Most of these are either minor protests, like for working rights or the environment, or just gatherings to make people aware of what's happening in Egypt.

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