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Desc:A reading of some 'interesting' examples on the TV Tropes page for Panty Shot.
Tags:Internet, panty shot, TV Tropes
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Comment count is 20
Caminante Nocturno
This is just like Best of Weekend Web, except this is not funny at all.
When you look inside yourself, to your secret heart of hearts, did you really vote these videos down because they're not funny?

Caminante Nocturno
Who didn't see that response coming?

The question itself, or its implication that you are a toonsexual pseudo-pedo?

it's also unlike the best of the weekend web in that I don't have to feel weird that it was animated by a secret diaper furry

I'll agree with godot that the voices need to be toned down, though they're sort of getting less obvious as the series progresses, I guess?


Futurebot: While it is clear that Caminante harbors inappropriate feelings toward children, if he has succeeded in sublimating those urges through weeabo cartoons and has never actually harmed a child, I believe it would be uncharitable to call him a pedophile. A likely pedophile, perhaps, even an incipient pedophile, a ticking time bomb of Wrong Love, but until we know for certain, let's be careful not to libel the man.

Caminante Nocturno
You people always get like this whenever I point out how shitty your taste in comedy is.

Albuquerque Halsey

i said nothing about your taste in comedy, just about your taste in children


TT peeps: There's much to mock without becoming a caricature yourself. Please stop the "voices", its unlistenable.
Corman's Inferno
A-fucking-men. The voices destroy the inherent comedy of the material.

the face reveal at 1:19 defines this
So is their any moderation on TVTropes? Or if some pedo posts something like the last entry will it be there forever?
Somewhat. I know that the Troper Tales pages for Brother Sister Incest, Parental Incest, and Lolicon were cut entirely, never to return.

Their rules explicitly state that there is no such thing as notability when it comes to sources. So while Wikipedia has edit wars over whether Crucifixion In Anime is a worthy sub-category, TVtropes lets people cite fanfiction and internet reviewers as legitimate sources.

I don't mind the voices; the Tropers who actually wrote these entires probably sound like that in real life, only more so.
A Jumping Spider!
Solid idea, bad execution.
man, I just wanted to see some panties
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