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Desc:Ben cites a typical example to highlight the reason behind soaring divorce rates.
Tags:sex, Christian, divorce, sincere fuckwit, Exposing Satans Power
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Pixel McStencilbuffer
sincere fuckwit is a tag masterpeice
Wait, wait, wait! I get the incubus demon fucking widows part but why do I have to quit watching pornography? This is bullshit!
I spend years of grad school learning how to chisel out and polish one tiny diamond of knowledge from the hard bed rock of ignorance. Knowledge is a process, a long, arduous push back against the veils that cover reality. That experience has taught me that we know very little for certain about anything, and it has made me hate even more assholes who sit their talking about shit which they cannot possibly know authoritatively as if its the highest, and perhaps even most obvious, kind of truth.

Fuck this dude. Five stars.

Killer Joe
Incubus = horny spiritualist looking for a good time.
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