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Desc:Or, 'Death in the name of Eugenics is okay if God's doing it.'
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:christianity, attention whore, VenomFangX, YouTube Evangelism
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Billy the Poet
I don't know that I've ever heard somebody use so many words in a row that he doesn't actually understand.

He's literally dumber than a parrot.
Hey! I think I spotted a little bump in his theory!
I keep wanting to retort but it is impossible to debate a man who bases his morality and thinks all men should base morality on an invisible sky wizard who wrote a book on this shit thousands of years ago.

So is this guy like .. the exact polar opposite of the Ubermensch?
He is the Negamensch.

I read part of After Virtue in a philosophy class. It came off like someone very angry about "those damn kids" and how modern society is no longer as communal as it was, therefore all of mankind's progress is horrible and the Enlightenment was awful because now we don't all live on farms in villages.

I just couldn't wrap my mind around how someone could critique the modern world that way, then say the Enlightenment was to blame for most of society's ills.
Weird that an insane fundie Christian would be trying to use it as some sort of defense of Christianity since the book really never concludes religion as being an answer to any problem ever.
If morality is not relative, then you are clearly in the wrong my pretentiously pious friend. My morality is the true morality. Yours is counterfeit.
She should file a DMCA claim.
He's transmitting from a forest? Maybe a bear will rape him.
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