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Desc:Another exciting edition of 'Fox News, or The Onion?'
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:fox, The Onion, Fox or Onion game
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Comment count is 13
Albuquerque Halsey
I got it wrong. Again.
Before you watch & answer, consider that the next one in the series is

"Larry Gatlin Speaks His Mind, Country music legends take on our growing federal deficit"
So its okay to have an pillow fight at the Tax Payers expense? And nobody is liable for the damages done by it. That's San Francisco for ya.
I can't believe I live near it now.
You really just referred to the mess created by a pillow fight as "damages." cena_mark, you are no fun.

Thirty grand of clean up doesn't count as damages?

Wait, I thought you were PRO-do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want.

I'm not an anarchist.

I know, after the Iraq and Afghanistan pillow fights, and the botched pillow fight courtesy of the CIA in Pakistan, I am just sick of this chipper, feathery, drain on our economic hegemony.

Fuck it, let's have a war for once, I'm tired of being a member of the Pillow Fight Reserves.

Well you should have gone active duty like me. Plus the pillow fights in Iraq and Afganistan have been getting better.

So San Fransisco is like staying in a hotel room that I'll never have to clean. Hell, make my weapon the mattress.
Pretty much.

That, and San Francisco is where the rules only apply to everyone else.

San Francisco: a city in dire need of adult supervision.

I'm pretty sure the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in this somehow. Can't someone send them the bill?
Sudan no1
I fucking love the Fox or Onion game.
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