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Desc:What else do you do with a few hundred thousand bucks of synthesizers on a Sunday afternoon?
Category:Video Games
Tags:castlevania, Synthesizer, theme, deadmau5
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Comment count is 21
Heh, cute.
This is the worst cover of that track i've ever heard. Figures.
What else do you do with a few hundred thousand bucks of synthesizers on a Sunday afternoon, if you had no imagination or talent?
Nah, it didn't deserve that (I'm just a cranky carl)

Yes it did deserve that. Have you heard 4x4=12 yet? Gah! Terrible!

Giorgio Moroder could have made this better with a casio keyboard in 15 minutes.

So it takes all the computing power of WOPR to reproduce the Castlevania theme? Awesome!
I enjoyed it all right but fuck Deasmau5. Cradle of Filth did a Castlevania cover that actually kicked ass and, aside from maybe an album or two, is the best thing they've done in their 20+ year discography.
if you're talking about the cover of Bloody Tears that endless shared files attribute to Cradle of Filth or another shitty metal band, it's actually from Dracula Battle Perfect, a collection of heavy metal covers of Castlevania themes by Konami.

Huh I guess you're right. I do know that Army of the Pharaohs sampled "bloody tears" in their song of the same name and it worked out very well.

Sudan no1
this guy knows his fuckin audience!
I'm always amazed at how anyone with access to that much musical technology can repeatedly make some of the most bland, uninteresting electronic music ever.
Everything I've heard from Deadmau5 tells me that Daft Punk has a lot to answer for. Bass ducking is not a "style," guys.

(Of course it's something Daft Punk pretty much stopped doing years ago.)

He and Bassnectar are just flavors of the month.

I think what bothers me most about Deadmaus is that his music literally sounds like basically he's taking thousands of dollars of synths and then just setting them up with the generic patches that stuff like Reaktor and Fruity Loops comes with for .

If you want to make sounds nobody has heard before is more than enough for the software. If you want to make basic subtractive patches sound as good as possible (which is basically this guy's entire schtick) you buy a lot of expensive analog stuff.

expert knob twiddler
Deadmau5 is Trent Reznor. Fact.
Lots and lots of blinky lights!
Push the button, Frank.
Influence Device TIMR
boring boring boring

one star
Yeah, go ahead and stuff more audio equipment sir, you will still produce horrible bland sounds.
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