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Desc:Classic promo clip included at the beginning of every SWV DVD
Category:Trailers, Classic Movies
Tags:60s, Bettie Page, Exploitation, herschell gordon lewis, Something Weird
Submitted:Busby Berkeley
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Comment count is 10
I hope I never figure out what "You're damaged goods, and this is a fire sale!" is supposed to mean, because I want to use it in all sorts of social contexts.
You can't just, um, use your understanding of the English language to supply a meaning for this collection of not-unusual words?

a flaming monkey
We're all damaged goods daddy-o... In the fire sale that is life.

I've seen this a million times. There are no bad Something Weird dvd's. The Criterion Collection of exploitation movies.
I've never heard of any of these except Wizard of Gore
The Townleybomb
I'll never be a butch, either!
Richard "Eegah" Kiel out of nowhere at :16.
Gary "Gary, Gary" Gary out of nowhere at :57.
Colonel Cowlung

Jet Bin Fever
75000 submissions ago still counts as a dupe, I guess?

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