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Desc:He's looking for supporters to also marry animals with him.
Category:Religious, Pets & Animals
Tags:gay marriage, bestiality, heavyhandofgod
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Comment count is 33
We better do what he says, guys! He's serious!
I really really love the last slide. WHO'S WITH ME? WHO WANTS TO MARRY A DOG? LET'S MARRY OUR DOGS!

I will marry my dog and post the ceremony on youtube to promote bigotry... just like Martin Luther King!
Adham Nu'man
Rambling idiot or comedy genius?
Two points here: I've never seen the misspelling of "a ware" before... congrats.
And, what piece am I supposed to be holding? Currently, I have in my hand one rook, one top hat, and a checker. Do I need to open more board games up to hold on to other pieces as well?
It's about time. Too many people are cohabitating with their dogs without marrying them, and it weakens the relationship. Barely 10% of dog relationships last 15 years. And some people even have two -- or MORE! -- dogs at the same time.

It isn't right. It's time to restore rectitude and propriety to canine-human relationships, and get back to what our parents and grandparents did: MARRY OUR DOGS.

As long as you're marrying an opposite-sex dog. Marrying a same-sex dog is abhorrent to God.

You need more stars.

Take 'em.

Hay Belly
See, it's because gay people are the same as dogs. Everyone knows this. We can't treat blacks like dogs anymore, the gays are all we have left. Come on!
I honestly don't see the problem with people marrying dogs. Even if it were legal, so what? As long as you're not raping the dog, what harm does it do anyone? I guess the dog would get a break on his income taxes?
Referencing Martin Luther King Jr. in a video with anti-civil rights purposes. Classy. This guy follows For The Record where Molotov compared homosexuality with bestiality.
The additional irony of using a song that contains the lyrics "we've got the right to choose" obviously also flew right over his head.

Dr Dim
To be fair that's a pretty sexy dog.
So long as the dog has the right to ask for a divorce.
I think the only living arrangement between a man and a dog should be a civil union, and they should be happy with that. Anything else would be an insult to this great land, and to God.
"Forever hold your piece."

Goddamn Poe's law.

Poe's law indeed. This hits too many dumbass conservative tropes.... OR MAYBE NOT ENOUGH!

I love this weird obsession that pigfuckers have (excuse the expression) with comparing gay marriage to bestiality. It's especially interesting since a few of the states that are striving the hardest to ban gay marriage (and gays in general) seem to be also striving to lessen their bestiality laws.
Billy the Poet
And if the government doesn't abolish the Federal Reserve, I WILL MARRY MY DOG!

And if Barack Obama doesn't hand me a personal check for a million dollars, I WILL MARRY MY DOG!!

And if Jesus Christ doesn't personally appear in public and tell me not to marry my dog...
Robin Kestrel
Rick Santorum was right.
Just wants to fuck a dog.
Aw, for fuck sakes!
I am in favor of this man making an ass of himself for all eternity.
I'm seeing some rather significant problems with this guy's plan.
OK, so upon inspection this is heavyhandofgod's only upload. That, and the sheer insanity of this video (along with the last little bit of faith I have left in humanity), lead me to suspect this is all some form of troll.
A beautiful, funny, well executed troll.

Sir, I assure you, I am not a ware.
This video is what would happen if one of the Lonely Island guys figured out how to be more intolerably smug.

Jet Bin Fever
aww, you made him sad. Hang in there little buddy!

next thing you know, they'll let men and women get married!
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