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Desc:FINALLY! A parody of 馄'! Starring Will Sasso! From National Lampoon! Submitted for stupid. Ev
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Will Sasso, national lampoon, Awesomest Maximus, The Choking Death Rattle of Old Comedy
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Comment count is 7
I have an inexplicable soft spot for Will Sasso. I will probably watch this when they run it on comedy central at three in the afternoon.
For some reason this page loads nothing for me, just a white blank spot where the video embed is supposed to be.
it's probably because of you not being yanqui

it's on youtube though:


Should be fixed now-- just vote on the resubmit "dead link" over on the right.

Eddie Pepitone! Love that guy.

Eddie aside, National Lampoon's ration of good movies to really really really bad movies is pretty heavily skewed in favour of the latter. The trend continues.
I will watch the part where kristanna loken kisses sophie monk on a seperate website.
I can wait a few months 'til it's on Showtime @ 3:30am.

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