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Desc:Japanese cartoons are known for their high quality animation and deep premises
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Japan, animation, forehead, Quality, spray tan
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Comment count is 18
I think I got black out drunk and made this because I had an idea just like this. A Dragonball Z rip off done with Guidos and in a club life premise.
I think it looks Ganguro rather than Guido actually.
Ganguro was a popular Japanese subculture/style that is mostly popular with females who tan or darken their skin and bleach their hair blonde-ish. It spawned other male styles and somehow inspired this.

It has more to do with hip hop than Guido beaches.

Is that the like flip side of jap goth culture?

I might still do my idea then. Holy fuck I'll work on it RIGHT NOW

The way they keep saying "ganguro sayijan" kind of clues you in

Did someone say weeaboo!?

Corman's Inferno
Guess that's for Japan's Adult Swim. It'll probably be aired on Adult Swim really soon.
Guys I am pretty sure this is a music video. Also, it's great!
I only submitted it here because I had no idea what the song was called or who the artist was

I like the song/video combination but I doubt I'd like it nearly as much if it wasn't for the video.

I was reminded the whole time how awesome Rip Slyme is.

This could actually be considered a manifestation of the "heta/uma" (bad/good) style pioneered by artist King Terry Johnson, which embraced defects and technical incompetence in defiance of what he saw as a Japanese culture obsessed with perfection.

http://www.pictureboxinc.com/blogs/pbox-world/2010/11/27/expla nation-heta-uma/
also this song is pretty damn catchy

Oh my god.

If I didn't know better, I'd say this was something unearthed from a 90's time capsule.

I love this.
It's Japan. They're stuck in a perpetual 90's cycle.

The final segment in the house pushed this over the edge for me.
This is kind of like the anime version of Growing Up Gotti.
Jet Bin Fever
This one moves the asses.
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