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chumbucket - 2011-02-23

editing out the woman from her "savior story" at around 4:00 pretty much mirrors the tone for the rest of the way this film goes.

atrocity tourism is a fantastic tag, I may need to tag one of my old submissions to that one

urbanelf - 2011-02-23

The labored waddle at 6:02 has a lot of potential.

Corporate God King - 2011-02-23

The first 30 seconds are really powerful. It's all downhill from there.

I didn't submit this to hate on religion, of course there are a lot of good people doing good work down there that just happen to be religious-- it's who they are but they're not out proselytizing.

What I hate is the people like this guy, who treat it like going on a trip to the feeding zoo. They swoop in with their sandwiches just long enough to get some footage and then vanish, never to be seen again.

Coming up to severely mentally-ill or destitute people and saying either starve or believe in Jesus is pretty sick. What if it were another major corporation like McDonald's going down there instead? Would people be okay with Ronald McDonald as their holy savior?

TL:DR: Why aren't there more atheist organizations on skid row? (There are secular organizations, but nothing to counterweight things like this video.)

Species - 2011-02-23

I got so angry watching this in the hopper.

Mother_Puncher - 2011-02-23

It took me a minute to realize why everyone is mad at this. I see this shit all the time and I'm sure everyone does so I'm used to seeing this type of blatant religious bribery. What pisses me off about it is that these assholes start off as feeding homeless people and turns into gawking, religious talk and speaking of these people as if they were Timothy Treadwell going into bear territory

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