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Desc:That has to be the shittiest power ever.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Milk, heroes, Misfits, Channel 4, superpowers
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Comment count is 14
You could probably become a decent assassin with it. Let somebody drink or eat something with lactose in it and then make their guts explode.
You could also strongarm your way into wealth, power and sex just by acting nice and offering people milk. Not the best power but beats the shit out of Joobilee's firework power of Professor X's power to not walk. Or Daredevil's power to be blind but see.

That's exactly what this guy did. He became a supervillan because nobody took his power seriously. He'd strangle people with his mind by forcing the cheese they ate back up through their esophagus.

This show makes absolutely no sense at all, but I love it.

Innocent Bystander
So what's this show then? Good?
I was wondering the same thing

Misfits is a UK show with a couple of season aired. Some juvenile delinquients get granted powers like rewinding time, teleporting, and reading minds. It makes about as much sense as you'd expect a time travel show to make (absolutely zero), but it's pretty damned entertaining.

Hay Belly
This show is so fucking good you can't even fucking handle how good it is.

Misfits is incredible. It's like Heroes only it's funny, British, and doesn't go to shit after the first season or get its head stuck up its own ass over tis mythology.

One of the villains in Season 2 has the superpower of thinking he's the protagonist in GTA and all his scenes are done in terrible first-person CGI.

Robin Kestrel
Cool special fx bro.
The smile when he first realizes his power.
Pretty sure she says "shittest".
Kelly's accent defies written word.

Esperma de Mutante
Definitely going to track some of this down. And start using "shittest" in normal conversation.
So non-dairy creamer is his Kryptoniote.
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