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Desc:BP Dumps new Synthetic Lifeforms in the Gulf (according to crazy religious beardo)
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:conspiracy, Beardo, evil laughter, BP, glenn beck would be proud
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Comment count is 9
DrDoalot - 2011-02-25
Holy shit! General be-traeus! I'll have to remember that one!
phalsebob - 2011-02-25
The easiest way to sneak something into the sea is through a vast yet very public conspiracy.
Rudy - 2011-02-28
And the best way to attract people to your crazy-ass YouTube channel is a catchy intro:

Welcome to the What Is God network where we're wig-n-out on the thiiings of Goooooood!

Mother_Puncher - 2011-02-25
The spill will warrant an environmental clean-up center which will be a cover-up for the new Metal Gear. Which will be a cover-up for a cover-up for a cover-up.
StanleyPain - 2011-02-25
SPOILER: everyone involved in the cover-up died 40 years ago and is now being simulated by a giant, neural net computer that only exists in the dreams of Miley Cyrus, who never actually existed anyway.

Dinanukht - 2011-02-25
Don't call it a spill. If you call it a spill you don't have respect for the truth and he will delete your comments.

Supahfly - 2011-02-25
ooooh crazy.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2011-02-25
The Amazing Beardist.
memedumpster - 2011-02-25
Wild Steve returns from the future to warn us about what's up.
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