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Desc:So much crazy there's not enough room to quote.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:alex jones, NWO, meltdown, Charlie Sheen, two and a half men
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 49
cognitivedissonance - 2011-02-25
A hero. Forever.
fedex - 2011-02-25
Jon Cryer is on the phone

deadpan - 2011-02-25
kingarthur - 2011-02-25
This is awesome. I have never heard a "fuck you" speech more cranked than this. He sounds like the Coked Up Werewolf from Conan o'Brien.
memedumpster - 2011-02-25
Mel Gibson's concept of crazy is barbaric compared to this man's coked up genius.
fedex - 2011-02-25
true, it dares to even approach the lofty pinnacles of The News as Seen Through the Eyes of a PCP Addict

sosage - 2011-02-25
"What does this say about Haim Levine [Chuck Lorre] after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me. I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows ... I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can't handle my power and can't handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words -- imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong."
Ursa_minor - 2011-02-25
So crazy, Alex doesn't even know what to say. He's speechless.
vissarion - 2011-02-25
BillLumbergh - 2011-02-25
this man came out of martin sheen? :/
BillLumbergh - 2011-02-25
out of martin sheen's penis? ;\\

BillLumbergh - 2011-02-25

Old_Zircon - 2011-02-28
His Sheenis, if you will.

OxygenThief - 2012-09-27

papercut_junky - 2011-02-25
Right now, the only noise that can be heard in L.A. is the sound of keyboards clicking away as every single spec-script-producing screenwriter is desperately trying to crank out their version of "The Charlie Sheen Story", hoping to have it done and polished before Sheen's bloated body is found floating in a pool.

Hammer Falls - 2011-02-25
Energized = coked up, I'm guessing.
Dr Dim - 2011-02-25
What was it that tipped you off?

Ghoul - 2011-02-25
High powered, high intensity crazy. This is the sort of thing that only comes out of your mind after spending the last 36 hours balls deep in 4 different porn stars while on a crack bender.
TeenerTot - 2011-02-25
After the briefcases of coke and porn star beatings, it took insulting the producer to get canceled.
GusPlease - 2011-02-25
It is pretty hard to top this in terms of crazy speeches. Consider the circumstances: he is the star of the most-watched comedy on television, he's constantly having drug orgies, and he's in the news more than anyone not named President Obama or The Middle East, but he STILL has to go on the craziest single talk show on the face of the planet.
CharlesSmith - 2011-02-25
Charlie Sheen is my hero. Finally someone had the balls to stand up and do something about fucking Two And A Half Men. The people who are supposed to be responsible for this sort of thing weren't going to cancel it. The responsibility all fell to Charlie Sheen.
Baldr - 2011-02-25
It might be worth buying a television if they dumped that shitty sitcom for good, and filled the timeslot with Ma-Sheen's coke-rants.

CornOnTheCabre - 2011-02-25
The week isn't over yet.

chumbucket - 2011-02-25
Of all the media programs on which to do this, THIS is the show to do it in. Bravo Charlie Sheen, bravo sir.
jangbones - 2011-02-25
Charlie Sheen does a lot of expensive coke and pays porn stars ,000 to party with him. By all accounts he would like to continue to do these things.

However, in the past forty eight hours, Sheen has gone to great pains to publicly humiliate the creator of his meal ticket in as dramatic a fashion as possible. He has gone out of his way to damage his income stream for no good reason.

So I cannot applaud this beautiful rant. Too short-sighted.
dek863 - 2011-02-25
I applaud self-destruction of over-privileged and under-talented actors.

Corman's Inferno - 2011-02-25
Fuck that. Charlie Sheen is damn near a hero for dropping this spectacular firebomb on his career. Next stop: Scientology!

Hammer Falls - 2011-02-26
No, no. Next stop: reality show.

dek863 - 2011-02-25
My gawd.
snothouse - 2011-02-25
Funny how SLEEP rhymes with SHEEP.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-02-25
He did himself what no one else could do, end that terrible show once and for all. I guess no one is surprised.
mr3 - 2011-02-25
ahahaha we were just talkin about this just now
themilkshark - 2011-02-25

H, I, T...
Riskbreaker - 2011-02-25
Somebody invite Matt Groening to a coke/hookers orgy prior to an interview, please.
GQ - 2011-02-25
I think you're going to need to invite the entire writing and voice acting staff to that coke/hookers orgy to kill that show

sosage - 2011-02-25
The suits will roll up their sleeves, sit down and draw stick figures themselves every week if that's what needs to happen to keep that corpse walking.

Dr Dim - 2011-02-25
"It's genuine, it's crystal and it's pure and it's available to everybody"
kingofthenothing - 2011-02-25
"....and this includes naps..."
exy - 2011-03-04
Chuck Norris: you have been warned

Caminante Nocturno - 2011-02-25
It makes me happy to see that the "two and a half men" tag isn't active.
Caminante Nocturno - 2011-02-27
It makes me happy to see that the "two and a half men" tag only links to videos about this.

dancingshadow - 2011-02-27
He's pure magic ! even when he naps..
Adham Nu'man - 2011-02-28
Dogs fucked the pope, no fault of mine.
Rudy - 2011-02-28
He's an F-18, bro.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2011-02-28
I would just like to be the one that points out he equates TMZ, McDonalds, and VACCINES together as useless things people don't need.
That guy - 2011-03-03
This is so insane and funny that I can't listen straight through without losing my shit.
That guy - 2015-05-30
It's just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee..

exy - 2011-03-04
I appreciate that Alex Jones has put me in touch with the important role played by Chuck Sheen's hernia in this whole circus.
Bisekrankas - 2011-03-08
Beautiful, just beautiful. He has turned himself into a work of art, a masterpiece, the living Mona Lisa of our generation.
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