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Desc:Bike rights! Bike rights!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:bikes, portland, Fred Armisen, Portlandia
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Comment count is 36
guess I should watch this show
2 stars for competent editing.

Couldn't find any jokes. Fred Armisen is a black hole of unfunny.
Every time I watch this show I end up saying to myself, "I KNOW people like that..." Got me to laugh out loud.

there are bike lanes in portland, get it?

Whether it's 5 star Tim & Eric meltdowns or 1 star Portlandia meltdowns, Baleen delivers.

Pretty spot on.
The other clip was funny.
That guy is annoying.

Rape Van Winkle
I've lived my whole life in the Northwest. I'm leaving very soon.
I'm sorry. You'll miss it.

I don't know about Portland but that's a perfect description of folks in the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition too.
I know and have seen plenty of people of like this in SF.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Same for the North Bay. This show is so spot on.

Me too in SF and East Bay!

Yep, Portland. And Olympia, Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver.
Austin too, unfortunately.

Lawrence, Kansas.

I believe every state has a city like Portland.

It's okay to hate liberals from a coast state, apparently. They're not real Americans like those from Utah.

Hate nothing. I miss the northwest terribly. This was the kind of ridiculous shit that flavored a town more than made it annoying.

Oh my god yes, Bellingham is like this. Except there aren't that many bike lanes in Bellingham, so they're extra annoying.

Providence: verified
Boston: verified

Also, gauge earrings...I really really hate those.
Rape Van Winkle
I once met a girl who's gauged earrings came out about the same time her bra came off. I couldn't decide which was the less attractive sag.

Jet Bin Fever
Thanks for that imagery. I would never date someone with giant ear hoops unless they're part of a specific tribe in a remote land that requires that as a rite of womanhood.

Rape Van Winkle
I said met.

Dr Dim
There are definitely dickheads that ride bicycles but luckily they are unable to block a whole lane or kill me, unlike dickheads that drive cars.

Also, you don't find these guys in places like Amsterdam where it's actually safe to ride a bicycle everywhere.
Most bike friendly country in the world. Portland is supposedly the most bike friendly city in the US.

Jack Sheppard
"most bike friendly city in the US" isnt saying much

"Healthiest sandwich at McDonalds"

Dr Dim
I can't speak for Portland but I used to know a few bike couriers and they are usually stressed out and bad tempered from riding in heavy traffic all the time. Occasionally they would get into shit with people but usually it was because that was the twentieth person to cut them off or tailgate them that day.

You don't know how many jack offs that nearly hit me everyday... While I obey traffic rules... On my bike.
Ugh. Cars maaaan!


I request a bike week as it any and all bike clips really seem to draw the babies out.
I can't stand those earrings. I just hate them as a concept so much.
Hank Friendly
was that kyle maclachlan?
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