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Desc:dog knows better than to get mixed up with that
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:dog, owl, oh hell no
Submitted:And Then Explosions
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Comment count is 17
HeWhoWalksWithTigers - 2011-03-01
That dog's a little bitch.
dementomstie - 2011-03-01
What you did there? I see it.

jyrque - 2011-03-01
Barn owls are weird.
dead_cat - 2011-03-01
Birds are weird.

Oscar Wildcat - 2011-03-01
A handful of stars for the dog's expression as it backs up.
duck&cover - 2011-03-01
memedumpster - 2011-03-01
My neighborhood is full of little yappy dogs and I swear those attract owls. Owls eat these things or something.
The Townleybomb - 2011-03-01
Let's hope they do.

BHWW - 2011-03-01
Yes, once they start hissing AND clacking their beaks, you'd better back off.
Tom Collins - 2011-03-01
i really want to see it toss that dog off a cliff
chumbucket - 2011-03-02
right after it plucks both of its eyes out of their sockets

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2011-03-01
Looks like a ghost, covered in blades, and sounds like a portal to hell.
Squeamish - 2011-03-01
Five stars for your description alone.

grimcity - 2011-03-02
Ten, even.

revdrew - 2011-03-01
Actually, I'd say that owl does like dogs. A lot.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-03-02
He's probably just pissed that someone woke him up during the day.
cognitivedissonance - 2011-03-02
Man, my dog is snack sized for that Level 42 Owlbear.
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