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Desc:A short documentary by Matthew Bristow on the production of cocaine.
Category:Short Films, News & Politics
Tags:cocaine, drug, coca, gasoline
Submitted:C. Eloi Marx
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Comment count is 13
RoyCastle - 2006-11-27
needs more gasoline
jaunch - 2006-11-27
It's amazing that anyone ever thought to do all that in the first place, then decided to snort it.
Evilhead - 2006-11-27
TEDA - 2006-11-27
-1 for omitting the most important component: a hint of nutmeg for flavor.
baleen - 2006-11-27
It wasn't snorted originally, it was applied in a pure liquid form in the nose with a brush.
fuse13 - 2006-11-28
thanks, video. i just made my own cocaine and it was great!
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face - 2006-11-28
who knew cocaine is made from grass clippings and gasoline
GoodAaron - 2006-11-28
It's like the foot-crushed winemaking of the South American continent.
enjoy - 2006-11-28
That's gross. I'm never doing cocaine again.
Ersatz - 2006-11-28
That's why I only buy shade-grown, fair-trade cocaine.
FABIO2 - 2006-12-17
No wonder no one buys my cocaine; I forgot "lunch"
blackbetta - 2006-12-18
Then the distributors mix in inert white powder base, then the dealer adds a little more filler ...
Enki Don't - 2007-02-12
The secret ingredient is LOVE
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