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Desc:From MS-DOS to Windows 7
Tags:Microsoft, Windows, Doom, Monkey Island, twatface
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Comment count is 22
Poor ME. Forgotten again.

(I'll never forget you, thanks to that random guy in a busy pedestrian street I walked past holding up a "help me set up Windows ME" cardboard sign mutely when you came out)
I found ME to be vastly more stable than 98.

twatface has too much spare time
Oscar Wildcat
Missing from all this was the thing that made installation such a bother: IRQ settings and driver installs on all your ISA cards.
Also, Windows 7 requires about 32 times as much disk space as the largest hard drive MS-DOS 5 could use had.

Please explain to me why this video isn't boring.
Oscar Wildcat
I think you kinda had to be there.

The Mothership
get of my lawn, kid.

why am i watching this ?
Will the visual theme settings be preserved?

Will DooM II run?

Is IT Performance Art a thing yet?
I really want to know what the registry looked in the end compared to a vanilla windows 7 install.

The only thing this wants to make me do is play Doom II again.

Obviously you guys aren't Mac users. I know an evangelical Mac user who still refuses to believe I can get Windows 3.1 programs to run on Windows 7.
Ha ha, I was going to make a comment about how when any number changes in a Max OS it loses all compatibility and everyone abruptly stops supporting it.

If it's 64-bit Windows, you can't run 16-bit or DOS apps.

Apple went through three major architecture changes, and two or three major API shifts and still managed to have a layer of compatibility between them. You could run a PPC OS 9 carbon program on an intel mac running what is basically NextStep written by a completely different company. That is impressive.

This video shows me that Doom, one of the most popular and widely ported video games ever made, will run on a nicely standard virtual platform resembling nothing actually produced after someone runs a few OS installers and does little of anything else. Fucking boring.

I have to one star this shit because I have seen way too many windows systems become completely unusable from a year of normal use by regular people. I guess it is remarkable that windows will run well if you never actually use it.

Five stars for the surprise of being rather impressed by Microsoft being able to keep things working, more or less.
Jet Bin Fever
I bet ME would've screwed everything up!
Caminante Nocturno
When can I start playing Red Alert?
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