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Desc:Starts about 1:15. Some of Chan's best work.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Jackie Chan, axe gang, Project A II, Hong Kong a
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Comment count is 10
Bravely rated and reviewed, whoever the fuck Corpus is.
Corpus Delectable
Bland. Uninspired. Ineffective. Unfunny. Merely filled space on my screen. Neither evil nor good. Just boring.

But enough about Billie Joe Buttfuck.

The clip sucked, too, and I felt no need to comment.

Wow, Corpus, fuck you.

A fucking nobody has stupid opinions not once, but twice.

Fuck off forever you soul-dead chump.

I like this scene, but it ain't one of Chan's best.
From a comedy-fight standpoint, I mean.

Almost all his fight scenes are comedic, but luckily even the ones that aren't the best are still five star, phenomenal shit.

Were axe gangs all that common? They are in at least three Chan movies.
They're actually the few remaining pirates from the pirate group Chan broke up in the first Project A.

The axe gang appears in almost every hk movie that takes place in the early 20th century. Seems they actually existed.

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