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Desc:The official book trailer of Paraworld Zero by Matthew Peterson. Must be seen to be believed.
Category:Trailers, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:book, Paraworld zero, book trailer, adorably inept
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Comment count is 23
Johnny Madhouse
Girl awkwardly spinning fiberglass shovel handle.

Trenchcoat man.

Spider scratching its ass.
Lizard neck.

Bespectacled child calling out to Allah.

this guy and Imari really need to get together and collaborate on a movie
I would gladly pass cash American dollars to see this.

I don't think anyone would want it after that.

Well, maybe crackheads.

Caminante Nocturno
C.C. and Negi Springfield must battle against the daughter of Star Wars Kid and her sidekick, a Matrix fan with a sword he bought at Comicon.

Also, animals.
The Mothership
Lots of evil to thwart out on the golf course.
The new movie from Tommy Wiseau looks great.
Man, these Mary Kay Letourneau biopics just keep getting more and more exaggerated
I bet it reads like a cereal box as well.
It looks like trenchcoat doof is the author, and the catgirl his wife. www.paraworlds.com has excerpts from the book if you're interested. It's... something else.
He's a mormon .NET programmer. That seems about right.

I wonder if she's happy with the choices she's made.

Johnny Madhouse
According to the site, they got engaged eleven days after they met, which was the first day back in school after his mission.

BYU: Ring Before Spring or Your Money Back!

"A torrent of watery darts hit the windshield as the ambulance squealed around another corner. The hospital was not much farther. A spark of lightning erupted in the night sky, as if to point the way the ambulance should go. Rumbling sounds resonated from the darkness above, accompanied by a faint groan of atmospheric indigestion echoing in the distance. The storm, like the mighty hand of a demon, buffeted the vehicle with its cold fist, but the driver remained steadfast."


That reads like an entry for the Bulwer-Lytton contest.

@Nikon: Precisely what I was thinking. I'm actually pretty sure this would be a winning entry.

The electrical outlet at 1:24 is the most delicious cherry that has ever been on top.
I'm not sure why, but I completely agree with you.

It's too...beautiful to describe. They should have sent a poet.
Suddenly, the entire existence of book trailers is completely justified.
Fuck all those other morons, I want to see more adventures of the ass-scratching spider.
I'll have to remember Trenchcoat Roundhouse for the next time I need to think of a username
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