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Desc:Thor is a threat to national security.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Marvel, america, FUCK YEAH, mvc3
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Jack Dalton
I was really hoping Gene from God Hand would be in this game-- of course that was never going to happen.
Such a missed opportunity.

The only God I believe in is God Hand.

I had fond memories of playing Fallout 3 with this song in the background on repeat, when I took Liberty Prime out for his little stroll. "Better dead than red - FUCK YEAH!"
My 17 year old self is screaming, "You cheap mother fucker!"
My current self is murmuring, "meh."
If it ain't broken, it ain't Marvel.
At least three characters in this game do NOTHING BUT SPAM LASER BEAMS. They have other attacks, but that's all they need to do.
The characters don't spam laser beams. Your asshole friends spam laser beams.

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