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Desc:My favorite scene from a King's Quest game.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:kings quest, roberta williams, sierra, dem bones
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Comment count is 14
What is with skeletons and dancing?

Telltale is making another one of these for some reason I can't even guess. Better be more like 6 and less like 5.
They should have remade The Black Cauldron, best thing Sierra ever did.
One man: Ub Iwerks.

His fixation on the subject has made it a lasting commodity.

betrayal at krondor was the best thing that sierra ever did

Shanghai Tippytap
Should be more like 7 and less like sane

Throne of Darkness was the best thing that Sierra ever did.

Was it Dante who described the mouth of hell as a "wicker vagina"?
wtf japan
No friendlier for their frolic.
The Mothership
dem bones dem bones gonna walk around. This is wonderfully silly.
So after all that it had no purpose?
The Mothership
No, see the skeleton king danced his key right off his keyring.

And it's the key to a trunk in an unrelated palace in the land of the living.

It may be intended as some kind of all-purpose skeleton key, but I'm pretty sure that trunk is all it'll open.

Of course, Monkey Island 2 did a dancing skeleton puzzle about a year earlier.
Shanghai Tippytap
the really cool thing about this scene is that you had seen this location before during the game, EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DIED.

When you end up there as part of the adventure and get to fuck around a little, it really took the edge off.
That big skeleton really resisted the urge to dance. But when he finally gave in, he seemed to embarrass all the others into stopping.
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