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Desc:and it really did.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:science, religion, stars, Milky Way, Philosphy
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Comment count is 10
Mother_Puncher - 2011-03-09
I thought this was a very well composed video but I still don't understand why atheists are so afraid to say things like what the narrator experienced are "religious" experiences. I understand the word is stigmatized but there's no better way to describe it. The difference in a religious experience to a religious man and to a man who simply observes the workings of the universe is the understanding. If you're looking for god, you'll find it so a man of god will attribute any experience of a greater understanding to his god because that's what he's looking for. Being awe-struck by a simple observation and having a rush of understanding is a religious experience and attributing it to a diety is what cavemen did because they didn't know any better.
Aelric - 2011-03-09
I understand not wanting to get bogged down in semantics, though I beleive that 'epiphanies' and 'revelations' would be better words than 'religious' experience. The word 'religion' implies things that I don't associate with a rush of knowledge or realization.

simon666 - 2011-03-09
Sam Harris has offered the terms "spiritual" and "transformative" for such experiences. These seem pretty good.

Really, how someone signifies their experience is of little issue to me. I do care, however, with how they believe their particular signification entitles them to act.

Skepticism makes clear that we can't nail down exactly what is going on in the universe. The best we can do is get what it's like a lot of the time, but even so, this is not how it is essentially. So when some analytic zealot starts jawing off about "truth" and how they have some monopoly on this because they've managed to abstract something into a truth functional representation I end up wanting my soul saved from its misery.

Xenocide - 2011-03-09
The problem is that "epiphany" and "revelation" are not only religious terms, but each refers to a specific concept within Christianity.

glasseye - 2011-03-09
So? The particular words that a religion chooses to co-opt are irrelevant.

baleen - 2011-03-09

I liked his epiphany under the stars but his views on religion and history are kind of uninformed and cliche. I really don't understand why the dominant form of atheism is aggressively spiteful of religion. I am an atheist that feels no need to criticize why people choose to join religions, as I know there are so many reasons that I am a hypocrite for saying, "Don't you get it, there are galaxies!" As long as they are not religious of the conservative, cena- mark-America-destroying variety, as in hapless proselytizers, than what's the problem?

Lots of religious people are scientists, physicists, and so on. Who is he talking to exactly, and would they be receptive to this self-inflated "You can't see things the way I can with my limited sensory abilities so fuck you" approach?

memedumpster - 2011-03-09
Goddammit, way to suck ALL the beauty out of this video to make it a soapbox, once again, for siding with tyrants and oppressors.

simon666 - 2011-03-09
This video stopped being about the beauty of nature once his rant against the shivers that religion sends through his body began.

TheSupafly - 2011-03-09
I love Philhellines, he's such a great storyteller has great poetic flourishes to his videos. He suffers from a lot of the problems many youtube atheists suffer from, but there's much more substance so its cool.
fatatty - 2011-08-02
i like galacksies
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