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Desc:Lexy and Stephanie sing horrible song for special dance troupe...
Category:News & Politics, Business
Tags:dance, stephany, Lexi
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Comment count is 14
Possibly unwatchable.
Well that was special.
Based on their outfits, I really was expecting "CLANG CLANG CLANG went the trolley! RING RING RING went the bell!"

Oh my, where are Jan Hooks and Nora Dunn these days?
Jet Bin Fever
Aging gracefully somewhere away from public scrutiny.

That is an unsafe amount of sequins.
I say the same thing about these girls' singing ability as I do about most metal super fast shred solos: it may take a lot of skill to do it but it sounds like shit. I mean seriously, they sound so over dramatic and the sound melds together to the tuning fork vibration through the mouth of a screeching harpie.

But my stars go to the old, akward choreographed dancers.
uh, yeah, old and akward.....

My stars go to the old, awkard Mother_Puncher.

The Mothership
Is that in fact a 'very special' dance troupe?
They have an audio-only version of Stairway to Heaven on their website. Dissapointingly, it's not as bad as their other stuff.

Maggot Brain
uhg, white people.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Huh huh huh hey Beavis these are special people huh huh
Mister Yuck
I kinda wanna go to the Misericordia fundraiser these ladies are performing at, but people might get the wrong idea about me laughing my ass off.
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