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Desc:A modified intro to the show, which was changed to meet European "Children's TV Violence" standards.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:teenage mutant ninja turtles, hero, turtle, turtles, teenage mutant hero turtles
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Comment count is 10
zatojones - 2006-11-28
Somebody explain this
GoodAaron - 2006-11-28
Uh, I already explained it in the description.
Caminante - 2006-11-28
The explanation is that Europe hates ninjas.
awaltke - 2006-11-28
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles#Hero_Tur tles
garcet71283 - 2006-11-28
-1 star for Europe pissing all over my childhood memories.
timmylean - 2006-11-28
I think the UK hates nuchukus as well.
poopskin - 2006-11-28
as long as Michelangelo is still a party dude, I'm happy
boner - 2006-11-28
The UK sucks. They also remove headbutts from all their movies
Hooper_X - 2006-11-28
This is awesome because it makes Michelangelo look totally lazy or totally useless. Or both.
Aelric - 2006-11-28
they remove headbutts? i thought they invented headbutts.
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