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Desc:Ninny wishes to share his lack of education with you.
Category:Religious, Pets & Animals
Tags:idiot, dinosaurs, creationism, too hot for 73q
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Comment count is 13
What a ninny! I never have trouble holding a giant black bone above my head with both hands (although sometimes I do tremble).
Yellow Lantern
"Opinions of the masses can be wrong and also dangerous."

You ain't whistling Dixie.
The McK
Ninny is one of those insults that never gets enough play.
Agreed. Let it be resolved that 'ninny' will now be the preferred term for 'creationist'. Success will be measured when either Dawkins or Hitchens uses it during a debate.

Seriously guys, that isn't Lenny Kravitz. Enough.
Has this been confirmed? Cite your sources.

I don't knoooooow. He IS black. I mean, what are the chances it's not?

Truth can't come from observation and testing. It has to come from a book 2,000 years old and then assumptions based on that book so evidence fits into that book. The reverse of logic in a semi-popular song spoof!
I hate the "Youth Pastor" look.
It's the 90's casual cool guy in summer look. Cargo shorts by Eddie Bauer

It's the part about falling through the crack and pulling others down with him that cracked me up.

These guys have a ton of videos, and there is jaw dropping dumb in the small number I looked at.
That was my favorite part, too. "Efforts to educate me proved unsuccessful; with that in mind, let me share some of my guesses about the natural world."

This is why we can't have nice gods.
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