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Desc:holy shit
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:destruction, Debris, tsunami, earthquake, WTF earth
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Comment count is 41
Funny this is a CNN clip, when i checked CNN about an hour after the quake, the idiots still had nancy grace on, bitching about another missing white girl (i'm not even joking)
I can't star this with any conscience, but the teeny little car toward the end that is trying to do a back-and-out turnaround is going to haunt my nightmares tonight.

Despite the rhetoric, we are all children of the same God, so I pray for everyone.
James Woods
You could also do something about it by texting RED CROSS to 90999. I agree that we're all in this together, but I highly doubt there's a god, and if there is this video is all you need to see that he's a bit of a douche.

James Woods
*texting red cross to 90999 sends a ten dollar donation to red cross that is simply added to your phone bill.

Prayer is a cheap copout and does nothing to help the people of Japan. dollars will help a lot more than any God will.

James Woods
I believe I said that just up there a bit ^

And CBC was freaking out this morning because they're expecting 50 cm waves on the coast of British Columbia.

Actually, fuck it. Let 'em get their crocs wet.

The Guardian has this footage, much longer and with more teeny little cars :O, without a third of the screen covered in crap, and a bonus lack of babbling douche bags. Also a giant ship sucking whirlpool just off the coast of Japan is on the BBC site.
Oh so that's why there was 30 earthquake and tsunami bulletins in my email this morning
Yep, we got about an hour and a half until we find out if our house is gonna get swept away on the coast. If it does, I'll post a video of it for posterity. Also for insurance reasons.
Dread Pirate Roberts

Action movie. Outrunning the tsunami at the end. Our characters might not make it!
Those "the world is ending in May" people must be loving this.
Son of a bitch.

Is Maru ok?

He jumped in a box and floated to safety.

The death toll from this (so far) appears to be small, which I am thankful for.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank Maru too.

Thanks to both of you.


My above statement was made when this disaster was just beginning, so it does not reflect the high (and rising) casualty counts.

The good thing is there is houses in the way, but there are farms around here, what?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This is going to make Charlie Sheen jealous.
James Woods


To that teeny tiny car in a race against time? All my stars go to you, you unlucky sonuvabitch.

3-point turn
Tom Collins
It's actually during his driving test.

Mirror MIRROR. Look both ways.

Caminante Nocturno
Check my blind spot... IT'S FLOODED!

I think flaming tsunamis tip the scales in the whole man-vs-nature thing.
The Great Red Cross Robbery
If there's someone on that boat, he's having a helluva ride.
Water's evolved. Now we're seriously fucked.
Corman's Inferno
Now that's what I call a Tokyo Drift! (god i'm terrible)
Wailt 'til POE-News hears about your joke. They don't allow natural disaster jokes.

Electric Kettle
Fun fact: Enjoy masturbates to natural disasters. It's true, he's admitted it!

the true tragedy would be if no one was surfing this patrick swayze point break style
I look forward for the new technologies that come from this, a thin silver lining on a billion gallons of suck.
After deciding to donate to the relief effort I naturally began looking into my options. To my surprise one of the first links I found was from a Kansas City TV station.

Holy fuck I wish I hadn't opened that link. The comments consisted entirely of "Japan is rich so why should anyone help them?" and "I don't see Japanese people sending free money to the US so why should we help them?".
not to mention this


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