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Desc:Toddler FEELS IT
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:LOL XTIANS, SFW fetish, terrible music
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Comment count is 15
CharlesSmith - 2011-03-12
Well, I'm convinced. If a baby can emulate things it sees adults doing, then the universe has a face and a penis and cares what kind of fish we eat. It's all so obvious.
kingarthur - 2011-03-12
I know, right?

Redford - 2011-03-13
Considering that evangelists count on fully grown human beings to puppet religious "experiences" in order to prove the validity of their craft, I don't think that seeing a small child do the exact same thing is very much out of the question.

TeenerTot - 2011-03-12
I didn't know Mickey Rooney was xtian.
BorrowedSolution - 2011-03-12
I liked how they stopped recording at exactly the point where the baby decided to stop with this silly game.
Jericho - 2011-03-13
or, you know, edited the video and uploaded the relevant part because while a baby dancing is mildly interesting to parents nobody gives a shit about a baby standing around.

Smellvin - 2011-03-12
Needs "child abuse" tag.
Cena_mark - 2011-03-12
Now come on Smelldick, I know its cool here to be super anti religious, but teaching your child religion is not child abuse. The baby looks pretty damn happy if you ask me.

dystopianfuturetoday - 2011-03-12
Why you comin' home, 5 in the morn'....

baleen - 2011-03-13

Monkey see, monkey do.

catpenis27 - 2011-03-14
I might put up the child abuse tag to spite Cena. My problem is that you're both right in my opinion. It's not necessarily child abuse to expose them to religion and see what they do. But this kid obviously learned his moves from a real nutball. So I'm thinking that this particular instance might warrant the child abuse tag. I need more opinions.

Oscar Wildcat - 2011-03-12
Religious ecstatic states are stock neurological hardware in this little monkey. Prelingual?
Anaxagoras - 2011-03-13
That baby has absolutely no sense of rhythm.
poorwill - 2011-03-13
What an ugly, stupid child.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-03-14
At first I could've sworn it was one of those freakishly real baby dolls for women who lose their infants. Then it looked around and...
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