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Desc:With Bonus Elitist Sounding British Accent
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:Ayn Rand, spikebravo, Long and Bitter, therealnickbravo, delusions of grandeur
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Comment count is 7
misterbuns - 2011-03-13
The viral marketing for The Hobbit has gotten really avant-garde.
dystopianfuturetoday - 2011-03-15
Virtue of Elfishness?

baleen - 2011-03-13
I take it all back. I hope he cries more.
wtf japan - 2011-03-13
Needs irony tag.
misterbuns - 2011-03-13
I actually had this thing just playing in the background and managed to make it through the whole thing. 49:40 is the is the highest peak in this contour map of hubris and semantic myopia.
Jeriko-1 - 2011-03-13
I couldn't make it past five minutes without daydreaming about sewing his goddam mouth shut. Ugh.

urbanelf - 2011-03-14
"This sounds important thus it must be read with the slightest British accent."

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