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Desc:Ninny blows your brain in half with LOGIC.
Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:idiot, christianity, bad accent, no true Scotsman, logic?
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Comment count is 13
The number of Christian parody t-shirts owned is inversely proportional to the owners grip on reality.
Oh I get it. You're the X-Men.
So I guess the point is he's denying that increasing apostacism represents a decline in the number of true believers? Or he's trying to magnify the sense of loss a Christian will feel when he loses his faith? Or what?
Adham Nu'man
He's saying God must come inside you for you to be a true Christian.

That sure is one stupid Scotish/South-African atheist strawman.
I don't see why you jerks are making fun of him. I find this a well done and informative presentation.

A strawman Christian argues that it is impossible for Christians to convert. A rational atheist points out there are many examples of people doing so. The strawman then redefines the terms to exclude counter-examples so that a 'true' Christian is one who never turns away from his faith for their entire remaining life. This makes the definition meaningless, as then no-one living can be called a Christian, only assessed retrospectively with full knowledge of their thought process. This proves how many Christians are falling prey to basic logical fallacies.

Wait, sorry, disproves? Oh.

Flaming fucking retard, five stars!
"Acting like a Christian doesn't make you a Christian any more than ..."

I don't think the problem is an overabundance of Christians acting in a Christ-like manner.
This is like a David Cross sketch come to life.
Corpus Delectable
Needs a "batman logic" tag.
I'll always maintain that the true appeal of the bible is that all it's "thee"s and "thou"s sound really official to stupid people.
So... he denies that someone can "think" they know something (like how he "thinks" he comprehends logic), and then either come to a realization that they were wrong (like little kids and Santa Claus... they really and truly believe and "know" there's a Santa Claus, until their bubbles burst), or gain some new knowledge that precludes their "knowledge's" veracity.

I wish this guy death by 1,000,000 paper cuts.
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