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Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:biore, blackhead, comedo, skin care
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Comment count is 14
Tom Collins

Guess what I'm going to do now.
Hank Friendly
And thats no shit

This is literally one of the most effective advertisements I have ever been exposed to

i have never had anywhere near that many come out, hopefully that means my skin is relatively clean? and those fuckers hurt to pull off.

this was riveting in the worst kind of way

Ick- porous mammal skin. Kinda makes me wish I had scales.
then your biore strips would be pulling out mites from between your scales

Yeah- I'd need some friends to pick them out.

Holy shit, this person must have rubbed dirt onto his/her face in preparation. Biore strips barely do anything on a normal, clean face.
And we shall call it, larva face syndrome.

Amazing. Could not look away. Then, I had to go look up what a Biore strip was. I guess when you wear makeup all the time, you probably need something like this?
Little translucent nipple and penis monsters.
Someone, somewhere is masturbating furiously to this.
Suddenly I feel the urge to clean my face.
The McK
Fuck all y'all with normal nose skin. I was honestly surprised this wasn't grosser - when I use one of these things, it looks like a tiny forest of black trees. And then the glue gets in my enormous pores and makes shit even worse. Christ.

And yeah, I wash my face every damn day.
If I had any stars left, you would have them.

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