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Desc:In which Tropers talk about the strange things they're afraid of.
Tags:nightmare fuel, TV Tropes
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Comment count is 12
Caminante Nocturno
Will you tasteless idiots ever stop disappointing me?
It's all for you.

MacGyver Style Bomb
I'm with you.

You're just encouraging us to vote these things up.

This Troper is a huge freakin puss.
Boss Fight voice had me laughing
I voted down "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" and voted this one up just on the basis of the spider boss portion.

This is four star material, but I'm giving it a five to piss of Caminante.
These stars are for him being a slow learner.

Rodents of Unusual Size
you know, normally irrational fears have deep psychological roots in our childhoods, but I get the feeling these people are just dorks.
My fear of clowns is DIRECTLY RELATED to the time during my very early childhood I remember being presented with gum by three clowns, one of which was an amputee being pushed around in what my young mind translated as a stroller. They also smelled funny.

I really hate clowns.

Grandmaster Funk
Keep 'em coming. I have the feeling Caminante's only putting up a fuss because he's featured in one or more of these.
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