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Desc:And quickly learns what an awful place Twitter is
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:MMA, homosexuality, UFC, kenny florian, dick jokes
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Comment count is 9
This guy seems cool.
He is.

His brother, on the other hand, is a doucher.

Have you met him in your travels spike?

I have, but I didn't have to travel all of that far as he's good friends and occasional training partners with my main jiu-jitsu instructor here at home. Super nice guy, really funny, and I've picked up some good tricks from him, as well.

thats cool, i just rewatched his fight against gomi the other day and he looked like a completely different beast before gray maynard threw him around and fucked with his confidence or mindset or something, back when he was wearing samurai getups cageside.

ps im greatly envious of your career choice

Thanks, it has its moments.

How the fuck is dick jokes not an active category on this site, of all sites?
It's the default setting.

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