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Desc:Fine, good, very presentable, better than ever, just not better than everyone
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Mitchell and Webb, That Mitchell and Webb Look, david mitchell, robert webb
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Comment count is 11
Nobody does uncomfortable British better than David Mitchell.
Tom Collins
Was I alright?
Innocent Bystander
Brilliant, mate...

Well.... he was right, you know. She isn't the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm not even sure if she's in the top half. Top half for Britain, sure, but let's not go overboard. Compared to Italy or Argentina, she wouldn't even be in the top three quarters.
Stop posting these.

I should be far to lazy to log-in and rate five stars on every Mitchell and Webb bit, but I refuse to let one appear on this sit without my doing so.
I meant site, not sit. I'm being facetious about not posting these clips, obviously. I just felt I should point that out in case any common commentators on this website might abhor any disdain for this show. In summary, I greatly enjoy this program. shift+page-up, shift+home, delete... fuck

Hay Belly
Really good mate, really good.

I like this show.

We hate Tim and Eric, yet love Mitchell and Webb. It is a paradox but quite often true.

That guy
M&W's main knock is the fucking laugh track, which is a serious sin.
But T&E's main knock is watching them camp around in a self-indulgent septic tank, hoping they'll shit out a diamond every twentieth go, which they do, but it's a hell of a wait.

Being a best man is tough. I gave a speech that I thought was good, and then someone else gave a speech that was WAY better, and he made me look like I was just winging it.
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