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Category:News & Politics
Tags:Bible, gay marriage, Australia, Julia Gillard, discrimination was part of my upbringing
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Comment count is 8
Her hair and décolleté say boner yet the face says bleak and abject terror. Congratulations on your "left of the corporate right" Sarah Palin, oz.
"Old-fashioned, conservative values" like "politeness, thrift, fortitude..."
Yeah. As a new-fashioned liberal, my values include swearing at old ladies on the street and bank fraud.
And she's the liberal candidate. Not the same as American liberalism sure, but both this gay marriage nonsense (where she can't articulate a single reason not to change the policy; the fact that the policy has existed for a long time without being changed doesn't count) and her pretending that being decent and hardworking is antithetical to her own party is the worst form of pandering.

More likely it's just like the American system where all major parties represent the same oligarchical interests and differ only in which mobilizing social issues they strategically adopt to manipulate sufficient public support to get away with what they actually care about.

Oscar Wildcat
You pretty much nailed it, Irish. But heaven forfend you should mention this fact in public. Democrats eyes glaze over, and Republicans start frothing at the mouth. Like one big Skinner box.

I agree. We should keep the values from where we came from. Society started to go down hill once we gave up slavery and human sacrifice too.
That is the most eloquent and elaborate non-answer I think I've ever heard.
split tail
Yes, exactly! I think I have a little tear in my eye; probably just the booze.

Maggot Brain
Just so were all clear on her stance


And that's why the Sodomites died out. Don't get me wrong, I love getting rear door deliveries from my leather-bear-daddy, Tom. but when it's time to increase heard numbers I stick in the front hole of a women!
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