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Desc:A documentary on brothers Luke and John (Ractalfece) Holden, and their zine.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Religious
Tags:Fart, butts, ractalfece
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If you watch NOTHING else from these videos, jump to part 2 and go 5 minutes in. It's... sublime. If I weren't already perfect, I would have achieved nirvana from that clip.
That was pretty good, but I kept watching and they mentioned Cause Without A Rebel, and that was great. Here I thought I was the only person in the world who knew about that band.

I love the Holden Bros. so much. I visit TotalVom once a week.
I wish I knew where John was now.
Truly, with no understatement, one of the greatest artists of our time and our generation.

And EGAD his father's teef.
Kid's a born writer.
All of his hipster friends piss me off. Fucking talent leeches.
i like that he peed in that girl's mugs and she got so upset she threw them away!

These guys are awesome, and as soon as there's a version of this with all the annoying hipsters removed, I will watch it all.
Aggro Craig
If you want more Ractalfece, his views on new media, content creation, corporate influence, and a closeup of an ejaculating penis, then download his torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4696096/ractalfece_-_Information_D ystopia

There're just two seeds, me and one other guy, but I'll try to keep it up as long as possible.
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